Giljaland - a forestry farm.

Giljaland is 345 acres or 140 hectares, facing southwest, and is naturally partly overgrown with willow and birch bushes. Forestry is for the most part where no natural scrub grows. Planting began here in 1979 when the State Forestry was granted permission to plant pine cones for approx. 2 acres and then another one like nine years later. This field has now become a beautiful young pine forest where the average height is about 11 meters. The oldest part has been gauzed twice, we have used the wood from the second gauze for various constructions inside and out. Since we bought the land and started planting in 1995, we have planted more than 100,000 forest plants, mostly pine and aspen, but also birch, elm, pine, poplar, mountain ash, larch, and even elm and oak.

We are the owners of Giljaland.

We are; Þurý and Siggi, Þuríður Ágústa Jónsdóttir and Sigurður Ólafsson. We acquired the land in 1995. Then there was unfenced land, no houses, no electricity, and no road. We then lived in Garðabær a Reykjavik suburb and started building a small cottage here. We soon realized that we wanted to live here. However, it was not until 2012 that we moved here completely. We have great neighbors all around and the environment is wonderful, whatever the weather, summer, winter, spring, and fall.